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Glxkart is a services offering Retailer and customers a comprehensive bill presentment, payment and management service. Using Glxkart technology,Retailer and customers can receive and pay all their bills from one location and billers can benefit from reduced processing expenses and improved customer service from online presentment and payment of bills.

Glxkart is the easiest, fastest and safest way to make payments. All you need is an account with any bank - and you can experience complete freedom from queues and late-payments.

  • Easy accessibility -- all you need is a device (computer) connected to the Internet and you can receive all your bills, review them and make your payments
  • Easy to use -- a few clicks and you can make all your payments
  • Complete control -- you can decide when to pay, how much to pay and also set up when you would like to be reminded or informed of all your payments
  • Secure -- you perform all you operations in a secure environment

Utility And Gas Bill Payments Made Easier

Electricity is a commodity that has become an integral part of our lives. In this modern age, almost any technology requires electricity to function. This has made electricity bill payments a frequent necessity. Paying electricity bills online usually requires you to physically go to an outlet and stand in long queues to clear the payment. Well not anymore! Glxkartis your one-stop destination for all of your bill payment requirements. It even provides you with exclusive offers that will save your time and money while providing you an easier way for online bill payments. Glxkart provides you with a trusted, that can make your online electricity bill payments as easy as you want them to be.

Secure Online Your Utility And Gas Bill Payment Online Without Any Hassles!

Glxkart Provides you with a secure way to make your electricity bill online payments much easier, without worrying about the hassles of online security and authenticity. It provides you with a convenient medium for all of your electricity bill payments online, facilitated through partnerships with various electricity providers to ensure that you can pay electricity bills without any worries. Glxkart Provides you with the perfect blend of secure online payment methods and accessibility to ensure that you pay your electricity bills on time, without worrying about loss of personal information or other discrepancies.